Customised Training and Development

Global Coverage
Providing training and development to meet your specific needs is at the core of what we do at CLM Training within the UK, Europe and Worldwide. We have partnership arrangements in Asia-Pacific, and North America.

Training For You
CLM's ability to tailor training services means that your people will have a head start in applying newly developed skills to your specific business environment. 

Our training will take account of
  • your organisation's distinctive style and culture
  • its business and operating model
  • the industrial environment you work in
  • the needs of your customers
  • the socio-economic factors that affect your progress

Flexible Delivery
CLM Training is highly flexible in its delivery approach.  We can deliver programmes in any location.
We are able to provide specialist training facilities if required. We even offer evening and weekend programmes to avoid any disruption to your normal week day work activities.

Structure If Needed
Using our "Pathways" approach we can combine customised training with a comprehensive training framework.  This could make it easier for you to design a larger scale staff development programme and could yield significant cost benefits too.

Think about how good it would be to have training designed and delivered on your terms then contact CLM Training to find out how it can be done.