Internal Auditing

Internal auditing is recognised as a strategic management tool to drive improvement as well as satisfying standards' requirements such as ISO 9001 , ISO/TS 16949 , ISO 14001 & ISO 14885. Regulatory and legislative reform measures are driving demand for internal auditing to all-time highs. As these demands escalate, chief audit executives must strike a pragmatic balance between their priorities and available resources in order to meet stakeholder objectives.

If this is Your Situation
  • You face a shortage of auditors with the essential skills & expertise.
  • You need to audit complex areas that require specialised skills and knowledge.
  • You want to ensure that your internal audit function has sufficient resources to cover the geographic scope of the organisation.
  • You want to improve your internal audit function to keep pace with changing risks.
  • You want to assess the effectiveness of your risk management processes.
  • You need to ensure that your audits are focused on the appropriate risks.
We can help you
The CLM Training team are all qualified auditors and stay current on emerging issues.

Our audit services helps you improve the value and performance of the internal audit function by providing solutions tailored to your needs.

We bring deep knowledge of internal audit, along with subject matter specialists who understand your industry and its technical risk.

The benefits
  • Cost effective- you only pay for the services used
  • Free up your own staff
  • Flexible to your needs
  • Provides consistency
  • More objective - no baggage
  • Access to immediate technical expertise
  • Wide experience

Who can I contact for further information?

Contact us today to discuss your internal auditing needs.   All discussions are free and confidential and our projects are backed up with a fully costed proposal.