Lab Assessments and Monitoring

In addition to training in the application of relevant quality and testing standards, CLM is able to conduct laboratory assessments of the competence of laboratories to carry out specified calibrations/tests or types of test by monitoring to ensure that the required standards are being maintained.

An absolute fundamental of all laboratories is that they provide accurate and correct test results and data. Certificates and test reports provided must be authorised by approved, qualified and competent staff. Such certificates and reports often form the basis of product approvals which are internationally accepted. There can be severe penalties in the event of errors and non conformities such as fines or even product recalls.

Test and Calibration Laboratories who wish to become accredited will be subject to assessment by a nationally approved accreditation service such as UKAS in the UK or NVLAP in the USA. Labs may alternatively seek to gain an approval certificate from one or more Notified Bodies as evidence of competence.

These bodies will expect the laboratory to demonstrate its compliance with ISO/IEC 17025 the international standard for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories. The standard encompasses many of the provisions of ISO9001 as well as more specific technical requirements.

What Does it Involve?
Laboratory assessment involves:
  • Ensuring the laboratory complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025
  • Checking on the competence of the laboratory to conduct its tests.
  • Checking on technical competence of staff performing tests
  • Identification and checking of the Standard(s) and Directives used.
  • Checking on confidentiality arrangements
Experienced assessment experts are used to assess the competence of the laboratory to perform the calibrations/tests for which they are accredited or approved.

In addition to its own staff, CLM uses assessors contracted from external sources to assess laboratories on its behalf.

All laboratory assessors must meet defined criteria in terms of their technical expertise and experience, must be trained and are bound by confidentiality agreements. All labs assessed by CLM including those who may only want independent assurance of their methods and procedures are provided with a certificate and scope of approval from CLM if so requested.

Lab Assessment Help
Contact us today about your laboratory assessment needs. If you have any concerns about your own or sub contracted laboratory testing procedures and you believe that you may be at risk or just require confirmation that your laboratory is operating to accepted standards or have any questions regarding Laboratory Assessments the we have the capability to help.

1 Competent Bodies under EMC directive 89/336/EEC will become Notified Bodies under the new EMC directive 2004/108/EC which comes into force July 2007.