Risk Assessment

Risk is an inevitable part of running your business and includes compliance with:

  • Customer specific product, as well as any legal & regulatory requirements
  • Community Waste Strategy(COM(96) 399,30.7.96) * Health & Safety legislation (H&S Work Act 1974)
  • Electrical & Electronic equipment (WEEE Directive 2002/92/EC[4])
  • Environmental legislation (Water Environment & Water Services Act 2003
  • Employment law. 2007 which will be turbulent for employers and HR professionals.

One of the key tasks of you and your management team is to be aware of the different risks to the operation and to have plans and policies in place that will mitigate the effect of the risks should they occur.

CLM Training can help you to understand what the potential problems are. We can use our expertise in management controls and business processes to devise the correct responses for you.

Our Risk Assessment process works as follows;

  • Risk identification. We will run a full audit to determine the primary risks in your operation e.g.:
    – Use of dangerous machinery (Machinery Directive)
    – Hazardous materials (e.g. Storage of Hazardous substances)
    – Difficult work locations (e.g. Manual Handling)
    – Employee actions or negligence (Statutory Duty of Care, PPE etc)
  • Scope of Risk. When CLM has identified what the potential risks to your organisation are we can begin to develop a picture of what happens if a problem does occur.
    – Who and what will be immediately affected by the threat?
    – What is the wider impact?
    – What do you do to stop the problem?
    – What are the financial and resource implications of the risk?
  • Precautions: CLM will use its experience to define a range of preventative measures to reduce the chances of a problem and to help mitigate the impact if they do occur. Part of our recommendations will be the necessary management “carrots and sticks” to ensure that the organisation remains “risk aware” into the future.
  • Regular Audits: CLM works for the long-term benefit of its clients and we recommend a regular check-up every 3-6 months (depending on your risk profile) to keep you up-to-date.

To check out your risk profile call or email CLM Training now for a free and confidential discussion